Using the AEC Facilities


The AEC facilities can be hired for use by affiliated clubs, private organisations, AEC members or private individuals.

The indoor arena and other closed sections of the AEC can be booked on an hourly basis for individuals, or daily/half-daily basis for affiliated Clubs.

Members are entitled to ride on the Albany Equestrian Centre grounds at any time provided they do not interfere or impose on a pre-arranged event. (Permission should be sought from the event organisers in this instance). Members incur no cost for general riding, but booking and payment is required for use of indoor and sand arenas.

If a non-member individual wishes to general ride on the AEC grounds, or use the indoor, sand or other enclosed arenas arenas, they need to book and pay a usage cost (includes day member fee)

For all bookings use the online booking and hire forms for private, casual and clubs/group bookings (below).


Members Bulk Prepayment  … it is possible to pay for use in bulk !  And for every 10 bookings prepaid, you get an extra free!
What this means for members – simply prepay for 10 usage sessions and get an additional one free.  You then book and use the indoor as per normal – your visits will be recorded until all 11 sessions have been used. 

Camping / Overnight Agistment

We would like to remind those who plan to camp at the Albany Equestrian Centre that:

  • There are no powered camping sites. If you wish to have access to power you must bring your own generator.
  • Horses cannot be kept in portable float yards overnight. They must be kept in the permanent AEC yards after sunset. 
  • No horses are to be left on grounds unattended.
  • There is no free or unauthorised camping permitted
  • All camping must be related to equestrian activity.
  • Event camping must be advertised, organised and paid for through the relevant club
  • Any other camping must be organised through the AEC Bookings Manager.
  • Hot water showers are available.
  • No open fires are permitted at any time.