About the Albany Equestrian Centre ...




The Albany Equestrian Centre (AEC) is located on Roberts Road, Robinson (just before the race course), and is home to several local equestrian groups.


Albany Equestrian Centre Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision
  • To be the place of choice for equestrian events in the Great Southern.
  • To provide a high standard equestrian facility in order to service a wide range of equestrian sporting clubs, groups and users of Albany and surrounding districts.
  • To provide an inspiring and safe environment for people to enjoy their horses.
Our Mission
  • To foster pride of ownership involvement and interest of user groups.
  • To create a management system which will encourage participation and planning and facilitate development.
  • To encourage maximum utilization of existing facilities by user groups and ground users.
  • To co-operate with the user groups in providing facilities.
Our Core Values

The core values of the Albany Equestrian Centre are:

  • co-operation,
  • communication,
  • respect