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Albany Equestrian Centre Constitution

The current constitution which is in conformity with the Model Rules for the Associations Incorporation Act 2015, became effective as from 7 September 2016

President’s Report 2019

First & foremost, I want to thank our hard-working Committee without whose ongoing efforts, the AEC would stop moving forward.

2018 was another year of achievement. Some of the projects undertaken included:

  • The indoor arena purlin replacement program, at a cost of $19,000, but which has now been completed;
  • The removal of the ‘tip’ area, which had become an eyesore;
  • Relocating and cladding our round-yard, a project which is near completion;
  • Creating larger overnight yards from the old cattle-yard complex, which are now proving very popular, particularly with our campers;
  • Expanding the roll yard, another project which is nearing completion;
  • Further upgrading the cross-country course, and building more portable fences suitable for all grades;
  • Commencement of the development of a horse activity area, with the building of a seesaw bridge. More activities will be added in 2019;
  • With the support of Albany Horseworld, introducing the AEC Eventing Grand Prix, which has proved extremely popular and is now a major fundraising activity for the Centre.

We hope 2019 is just as progressive, and are:

  • Hosting an 8-week training program which should result in major works being undertaken such as the upgrading of the road in the car-park area, filling the old truck bay etc;
  • Applying for funding to expand the sand arena to the current fence line which will broaden the range of activities able to be held on the surface;
  • Running three more Eventing Grand Prix’s, and have introduced a Junior and Open Championship over the three events, and are aiming to conduct a One Day Event later in the year;
  • Landscaping the boat adjacent to the water jump and making it a feature attraction;
  • Aiming to provide showjumping equipment for the use of members’ training;
  • Creating a gravel area for the storage of materials;
  • Continuing our partnership under the Adult Offenders Community Work Program which keeps our grounds so spic and span, and we need to thank Mike and his team for their efforts in this; and
  • Creating a hay pit adjacent to the manure disposal shed.

A truly ambitious program, dependent on the efforts of our volunteer base which is dwindling. If you think you could help, please come forward and put your hand up. After all, it is your Centre.

Peter Madigan

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