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Albany Equestrian Centre Constitution

The current constitution which is in conformity with the Model Rules for the Associations Incorporation Act 2015, became effective as from 7 September 2016

COVID Safety Plan - August 2020

The Centre's Safety Plan has again been reviewed in line with EWA recommendations and is attached below for information on the Centre's requirements

"Containers for Change" Initiative

"Containers for Change" provides the Centre with an exciting opportunity to raise much needed funds as well as showing our commitment to the environment and encouraging better recycling behaviours.

The AEC ID is  C 10357228                  

So why not convert your containers into change today and benefit the A.E.C?

Proposed Boreworks - Sandpatch/Grasmere Borefields

Avid Resources will be undertaking construction works in the Sandpatch/Grasmere Borefields on behalf of Watercorporation.

These works will be close to the Stidwell Bridle Trail, as shown on the attached document.

The works will commence on 09 November 2020 and will run through to the end of May 2021, with the majority of the Earthworks being completed by end of February 2021.

President's Report - 2020

As another year comes to an end, I again thank our hard-working Committee for everything they have done to help make the A.E.C. a first class equestrian centre.

The past year has been made more difficult through the COVID-19 pandemic and the hard decisions we have had to make and measures we have had to implement.

Yet, we have continued to move forward.

Undoubtedly the biggest project undertaken during the year was the upgrading of the indoor arena surface which had been brought about by indentations in the overall base, creating high and low spots. This was achieved at a cost of $26,000, and necessitated removing the existing sand, levelling the base and replacing the sand (and additional sand) to achieve an overall depth of 80mm.

And, most challenging, vehicles are not to be used in dragging the arena, as they are compacting the sand through their weight and are leaving ruts.  In future, only a quad bike and the ‘fluffer’ are to be used to drag the arena, and the Centre is in the process of purchasing a quad bike to do the dragging.

An automatic watering regime has been put in place and there is no need for users to water the arena, as this will only result in the surface become too boggy.

It has also been necessary to restrict some activities from using the indoor and the following activities are no longer allowed:

Stock horse;



Camp drafting;

Barrel racing;

Carriage driving;


Round yard work

Another of the projects undertaken involving the indoor arena was the installation of lights, which have been a great success, and the kickboards have been repainted.

The Clubrooms were also an area which required attention. During the year it also became necessary to replace the access ramp to the Clubrooms, with this project being expanded to include the provision of new concrete path, and the construction of a gravel disabled parking bay adjacent to the pathway to improve access for and inclusion for people with a disability. The disabled parking sign still needs installation.

The Clubrooms building was re-stumped where required, and metal is in the process of being installed.

An additional light switch was installed in the kitchen area so that the main clubrooms no longer have to be accessed to switch the kitchen lights on and off.

A defibrillator was installed on the verandah of the clubrooms for use in an emergency

Finally, modifications to the office area and being considered, and as are an extension to the verandah railings and railings to the steps.

The AEC now has a purpose-designed cross-country trailer which accommodates the flags, numbers, fill for fences, spiralfix and many of the necessary cross-country tools.

The roll yard has been extended, and heavy-duty rubber installed.

We have continued our partnership under the Adult Offenders Community Work Program which continues to keep our grounds in magnificent order and the partnership with the Albany Pony Club for upkeep of the cross-country course is working well.

With the support of Albany Horseworld, the AEC conducted three more Eventing Grand Prix events as fundraisers for the Centre and introduced a Virtual Dressage competition as a further fundraising event. For 2021, three more Grand Prix are planned, in addition to a Combined Training Day as fundraising events.

Finally, we obtained a Volunteers Grant to purchase much needed equipment to assist our volunteers.

Projects in Progress

Spectator Safe Area. This project creates a properly fenced spectator safe area which also provides amenities for the spectator and one way we can ensure our spectators are protected from a galloping horse.

This project is underway and should be completed in the near future.

Water Jump Boat – Landscaping. The AEC has agreed to landscaping a section of this area to set the boat off better.  It will only be simple, using the bits we already have – anchor chain, mooring piles etc, but will required setting the boat on blocks on a gravel pad with treated pine sleepers and upright posts.

Hay Pit. We are continuing to look options for the creation of a separate hay disposal area, and hope this will become a reality soon.

Horse Activity Area. Initial works have been completed with a bridge and seesaw bridge, but more needs to be done to make this area a reality.

Recycling. The AEC has taken up this initiative and has installed special bins for the disposal of cans and water bottles as part of an ongoing fundraising campaign.

Peter Madigan


Albany Equestrian Centre

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