Albany Equestrian - 189 Roberts Road, Robinson 6330

Events & happenings at the AEC (Albany Equestrian Centre) and surrounding areas...

189 Roberts Road, Robinson 6330

Key Contacts

Who Do I Ring If ...

The pump is not working

The sprinklers in the indoor are not working

There is no hot water in the showers

There is no gas

The manure pit is full

I want to ride on the grounds while an event is in progress


Contacts  for Bookings.  Bookings for all facilities are to be made online.

                The A.E.C. will confirm the booking by email to the email address given on the form.  Should                    an automatic reply not be received, it is necessary to contact the bookings person on                                0419-934-994, as otherwise the booking will not be made.

                All Other Enquiries ...

                Primary Contact: Colin Dowsett (0418-900-626)

                Secondary Contact: Jill Compton (0417-660-578)

Emergency Services

St John Ambulance 9841 4212

Police 9892 9300

Albany Fire Station 9841 2122

Albany Hospital (Warden Avenue) 9892 2222


(Great Southern Equine Veterinary) 0402 330 437

Farrier (Tony Riley) 0418 449 440


Great Southern Stock Feeds 9841 5230

(After Hours Delivery) 0439 811 212

Albany Horseworld 9842 9255

Albany Saddlery 9841 7883

Albany Stock Feeds 9841 5724


Payment Options

Payment:  Simply pay by direct deposit  or  at the Bendigo Bank 

Account Details:

Name: Albany Equestrian Centre Inc.         Bank: Bendigo Bank                   

BSB: 633000 

Account Number: 143217743

PLEASE indicate clearly your name / date or indicative comment which will allow us to work out what your payment is for.